3-5 Mill Street, W1S 2AU

Hip Hop & Commercial

11:00PM - 05:30AM


Maddox Club, situated on Mill Street in London, has solidified its reputation as a prestigious and exclusive nightclub since its establishment in 2007. Recognised as one of the city’s top nightclubs, Maddox Club operates as a members-only venue, necessitating a VIP Guest list or VIP Table bookings for entry. The club exudes a welcoming ambience and has hosted various celebrity guests, including Jay Z, the late Amy Winehouse, Gwyneth Paltrow, and more. The attentive and friendly staff at Maddox Club are dedicated to meeting all your needs.

Spanning two levels with a capacity to accommodate 400 people, Maddox Club features a main room with a dance floor and a DJ booth. The Green Room is reserved exclusively for invited private members. Additionally, the club offers restaurant services, offering delectable Mediterranean cuisine prepared by top chefs. The club also houses a bar stocked with an extensive selection of beverages.

Maddox Club presents themed parties on various nights of the week. The Thursday Maddox Party immerses guests in a vibrant atmosphere characterised by neon lights, opulent decor, and a glamorous crowd reminiscent of a Hollywood soirée. The Friday Maddox Party is particularly popular, attracting a lively crowd. Doors typically open from 10 pm until 3 am. To cap off the weekend, the Saturday Maddox Party allows guests to unwind and enjoy the company of London’s finest. The dance floor pulses with a mix of house hits and R&B, while the bar offers a more relaxed setting for those seeking a quieter atmosphere.

Maddox Club enforces a specific dress code, requiring guests to dress stylishly, cleanly, and fashionably. Ladies are expected to wear high heels, while gentlemen should don smart attire and appropriate footwear. Guests must be over 18 and carry identification for age verification. Maddox Club maintains a stringent door policy to ensure the best experience for its clientele.

Maddox Club is the ultimate destination for those pursuing an elite social experience. Remember that VIP guest lists or table reservations are essential for entry, and the club also offers private membership options with an annual fee.

Table Prices:

The tables start from £1000. 

On the other hand, when it comes to Table Booking, there are two types of tables at Maddox, The Standard and The VIP. For mixed groups, the first one has a price of £1000 minimum spend for groups of up to 10 people. The second table has a cost of £2000 minimum spend for groups of up to 10 guests.

Dress Code:

Maddox has a reputation for offering an exceptional clubbing experience. The strict dress code requires guests to wear smart, fashionable attire to maintain the club’s sophisticated atmosphere. The club’s door staff is known to be quite selective regarding whom they let in, and having a reservation or being on the guest list is highly recommended.


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